The Multifunctional Ottoman

My favorite piece of furniture in the home is without a doubt the sofa. It’s the cushy spot where I’m going to relax and watch Netflix for hours on end or where I’ll curl up with the latest Sookie Stackhouse novel. The couch is simply where all the awesome fun times happen. But what can turn a cozy couch into an epic one is the ottoman. When sharing the couch with loved ones, I can’t lie across it and having my short legs dangle isn’t always comfortable.

But not only does the ottoman solve my leg/foot problems, it serves other functions in the room. Oversized ottomans can double as a coffee table, and when you’re living on a budget, that’s an awesome feat. The best way to make it a spiffy one is to find an intriguing tray to lay on top. The tray can have candlescaping sets, a small vase of flowers, framed photos, and whatever else you could possibly think of.

Want to triple this deal? Purchase a matching ottoman that can be used for storage. Keep extra blankets inside for when it gets chilly. Or maybe you’re just looking for a good place to hide your secret stash of cookies. Either way, the ottoman doesn’t have to be a boring side piece of furniture. Make it a focal point in the room!

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