Acisco Gave Me a New Office Chair

I was used to sitting in a chair that wasn’t very comfortable. I’d get up and stretch and roll my shoulders back and hear my sternum crack. I’d shift from side to side in my chair, sliding down to relieve the pressure in my seat, and then pick myself up again when I started to reach for the keyboard. Every afternoon around two o’clock, I’d stand and bounce my hands to my toes and hold it for a few seconds. It never occurred to me it might be the chair.

Then someone told me that my posture wasn’t looking too great. I was slumping and my shoulders sagged and I wasn’t standing up to my normal height. He asked about where I sit and what kind of chair I use. I told him just an office chair. He said, you may want to think about getting a new one.

I started to think about it and realized that my work chair really didn’t have any back support. It was cushioned sure, but it encouraged my slump. I looked around on the internet and found a new chair from Acisco, an office furniture company. Now I notice I don’t have to stretch as much and my posture is better. Whaddaya know?

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